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Welcome to Walk and Talk around the World

helping to celebrate International Stammering Awareness Day

What is Walk and Talk

Walk and Talk was a project started by Christine Simpson in 1999. People organised a series of sponsored walks in different places around the world all on the same day, Sunday October 24th, 1999, raising funds for stuttering organisations and of course having fun.

The event was to help celebrate International Stammering Awareness Day (ISAD). ISAD falls on 22nd October each year. It is also known as International Stuttering Awareness Day.

A "sponsored walk" is a walk where participants ask their friends, family,colleagues etc to promise to pay them a certain amount of money (ie to sponsor them) for each mile or kilometer they complete, or simply an amount for doing the whole walk . All the proceeds then go to the agreed charity.

Walk and Talk 2002

We haven't done a repeat in subsequent years, but anyone who would like to is very welcome to arrange a similar walk for ISAD, wherever in the world they may be. If you are organising a walk, do let us know and we can put a note of it on this website. Or if you want to talk, again get in touch. Christine's email is red_squirrels@yahoo.co.uk.

We liked the idea of celebrating ISAD by having a global event where people who stutter and non-stutterers can meet, enjoy themselves and raise money to help stuttering organisations, which in turn help all of us so much.

One of the aims of the walks was to increase awareness of stammering. So we encouraged people who stutter to bring their non-stammering friends or relatives with them if they could - these can get to know other people who have a stammer.

What else is on this website

Find out more about the 1999 walks - get some ideas.


Christine Simpson and Allan Tyrer,
London, United Kingdom

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