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Walk and talk around the world

a project to help celebrate International Stuttering Awareness Day 1999

This page deals with the Walk and Talk walks which happened for ISAD 1999.

The walks

People organised walks to happen (mostly) on the same day, Sunday October 24th 1999, in countries all around the world, some of them raising funds for stammering organisations in the relevant countries. Walks happened in the following places:


We (Christine and Allan) organised the walk held in London, England in aid of the British Stammering Association. It was wet but fun. The walk was about five miles long so that unfit people like Christine could do it. The route went via various places in London linked with famous stammerers.

There is a report of the day on the BSA website, and on this website there are details of the route and commentaries about the famous stammerers.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Robbie Cameron and Speakeasy South Africa organised a walk in Johannesburg. The venue was Delta Park, Linden, Johannesburg at 9.00am on Sunday 24th October.

Robbie's report

We had a super time - not as many people as we would have liked - but it is a start - we walked and talked a lot. Coke SA kindly donated cool drinks for us - which was refreshing when we had finished as it was a good summer day - a little cloudy for this time of year but warm and beautiful - I will be sending you some scanned in photographs so you can see us all - just need to get them developed first.

Watch this space for photographs


Moonja Shin organised ISAD 99.

Moonja's general report sent to us by Michael Sugarman.

Report from Korea In celebration of the second ISAD, we in Seoul, Korea organized two events on Saturday, Oct. 23. Part one was the education classes for parents of stuttering children, teens with stuttering and self-help adults. For these classes many speech clinicians participated too. It was held at the Ewha W. University. Part two was the "Walk and Talk" event, and we walked about 2.3 Killometers from Ewha W. University to Seokang University. For these events speech clinicians and selp-help group people worked together. In Kwangju, the southern area of Korea Mr. K.H. Cho organized the stuttering seminar for celebrating the ISAD.

Moonja's letter to us about the walk

In celebration of 2nd ISAD we organized two events. One is the educational seminar on stuttering, the other is Walk and Talk. On October 23 (Sat.), about 80 people registered for the seminar (it was free) and they were divided into three educational classes; for parents, for teenagers and for adults. It was a nice and sunny day, a typical Korea Autumn weather. After the seminar, around 5 o'clock we walked 2.3 Km from Ewha W. University to Seokang University. While we were walking we wore the caps, distributed candies which were printed in ISAD to the public, and policemen (almost same number of us) escorted us. Because it was Sat, the University street was very busy to walk. When all the participants reached the final place it was dark and there were 25 people. We made a circle and sang songs together and made a public statement which was consisted in ten sentences (e.g. #1 I know stuttering itself meaningful and valuable).

...Enclosed are ISAD pamphlet commemorative pens and badges which we sold for funding.

Moonja very kindly sent us a pack of goodies from his event, containing pens, badges and lollipops with International Stuttering Awareness Day 1999 on them in English and Korean (at least I guess that's what the Korean script says).

Ghent Belgium

The walk and talk here on Sunday 24th October was part of a big weekend. It was a tour near the Youth Hotel De Valk (Laarne) close to Ghent-City.

(As well as a dinner, the weekend included a lot of workshops, and also a demonstration of DAF devices plus a talk by professor van Borsel of the university Ghent about these devices and the research they do at the university.)


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